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He wants your relationship to be strong enough that he becomes a part of you both. He loves wholeheartedly, and your relationship promises to be life-changing—he is the sign of transformation, after all. However, all of his darkness and angst and brooding can get old after a while! All of the questions and anxieties on his end only leads to confusion and creates an actual problem if it goes on for too long!

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And when you do fight, he can be as self-protective as an actual scorpion, though, luckily, things rarely get to this point. He is a fixed sign, after all, and is very slow to rise to action. Being ruled by Pluto, Scorpio men can easily embody this mindset. His jealousy and need for control is a drag. But to really bond with him, you need to open up to him.

For all of the intensity and emotional drama that Scorpios get a bad reputation for, the passion and love they have is tough to beat. Follow Jake on Instagram. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Related Story. When you do fight, he can be as self-protective as an actual scorpion. He may not know exactly what you have planned, but he does know something is up. He listens to his gut and pays attention to his surroundings. So if you are trying to hide something from him, it won't stay hidden forever.

New challenges excite him. You'll find that he jumps at the chance to try something new.


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Whether it be skydiving, mountain climbing, or camping alone in the woods for a weekend, nothing scares him. His bravery knows no bounds. Take advantage of this by getting him to try the things that you like. He will appreciate the opportunity to find something new to conquer and love. If you can't be honest with him, then you can't be in a relationship with him.

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It sounds brutal, but honesty is one of those things he values in a relationship above all else. And you should too! If you have any skeletons in your closet now is the time to tell him. You don't need to reveal all your secrets though, just tell him how you really feel about certain things. He thinks honesty is important in a relationship because it's how he gets to know the real you.

And you should let him! He knows exactly how to deal with the situation because he has already accessed it and found the best solution. He's assertive and dedicated so people will always listen to him because they know they can count on him. If you can't make decisions easily, you won't be able to make it work between you. He's the kind of person that always knows what he wants and how to get it. He doesn't beat around the bush, or just accept things the way they are.

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He gets right to the point. Don't keep your opinions to yourself, you won't offend him. He genuinely wants to know what you think. If you hate seafood and he suggests it for dinner, tell him you don't like it instead of pretending you do. Honesty remember? He will probably be the first one to say, "I love you.

Scorpios live to express their emotions. He loves to feel the feels. ALL the feels. He won't be afraid to cry at his sister's wedding or squeal like a little girl when he gets home and tells you about his promotion at work. He loves being free from that stereotype that men don't share when they care.

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