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Czech glass is a traditional, sought-after product all over the world. Its high quality stems from a rich and centuries-long glasswork tradition, which — in North Bohemia — dates back to the 13th century.

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Its portfolio includes numerous table glassware sets, decanters, vases, and loads of decorative items. The most famous traditional sets are Angela and Claudia. The Angela set is characteristic with its modern elegance combined with classic elements. Angela tion with leading Czech designers, numerous interesting new sets that can satisfy a wide range of customers have been included in the portfolio, such as Viola, Sandra, Giselle, Victoria, Elisabeth, Ideal, and Gina, to name at least some.

These sets are classical and modern, older and designed just recently.

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However, all of them are successful. Love name. It has been manufactured since , and leads sales to the present. So far, more than million sets have been made, and it is obvious that this number is to grow. The glassworks pays great attention to the development of new products. In coopera-. Neon CRYSTALEX is extremely successful with its decorative items — the list of decorating techniques includes paint decoration an old, recently revived technique , painting, silk-screen printing, labelling, sanding, spraying, and — of course — combinations of those. Creativity, high quality, modern technology, and a satisfied customer — these are the principal items in the strategy of CRYSTALEX, this exclusive owner of the world famous Bohemia Crystal trade mark, and a burgeoning successor to the Czech glasswork traditions.

The St. George Convent was established in by Prince Boleslav and his sister Mlada for the Benedictine order. It was dissolved in , and reconstructed and newly opened in This Gothic Cathedral, which was built over nearly six centuries, was finally completed in In the 10th century a rotunda originally stood in its place. Wenceslas Chapel, which is adorned with frescoes and semi-precious stones; in the catacombs underneath there are tombs of Czech kings.

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Prague Castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, with an area of almost 70, m2. The site of the castle was established in the 9th century, and in the 12th century the Romanesque palace was built. In the 14th century, under the reign of Charles IV, it was rebuilt in the Gothic style, and the last reconstruction of the Royal Palace was carried out under the rule of the Jagellons at the end of the 15th century, At that time to the famous Vladislav Hall was built in the late Gothic style.

The castle was enlarged in the 16th century following the great fire in After World War I, the interior and gardens of the castle were redesigned by the architect J. The castle is the seat of the president of the republic and the historical and political centre of the city and the state. The changing of the guards takes place at Prague Castle every hour on the hour from am to 10 pm. The guard changes at noon are accompanied by a solemn fanfare. See the map on page There is additional information on pages 26— It was converted into a jail until the end of the 18th century. In the 15th century this tower, which is 20 meters in diameter, was used to store gunpowder.

A permanent exhibition by the Castle Guard. Where there were once stables a gallery was built for the art collections at Prague Castle. The tower houses 27 Loretto bells which play the melody of the Our Lady Chorus.

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The most valuable item is the liturgical treasury, with a diamond monstrance called Prague Sun; it weighs over 12 kg and is adorned with more than 6, diamonds. Open daily: am — 4 pm; closed: Admission: CZK. The Romanesque St. George Basilica was built in , close to the Benedictine monastery; it was reconstructed in the 10th and 12th centuries. This is the most remarkable Renaissance building in Prague. It was built from — following the design of Paolo della Stella, and completed in by the architect B.

Its garden contains the Singing Fountain, where drops of water. The Ball Game Hall was once used as a barracks and is now used to house exhibitions. Open to the public only in the summer season April to October , and the Ball Game Hall is open only for exhibitions.

The historical library contains the early Baroque Theological Hall — and Classicist Philosophical Hall — , adorned by frescoes of A. Open daily: 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm Closed In it became the property of Po-lyxena of Lobkowicz.

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It was rebuilt by Carlo Lurago from to and has appeared as it does now since that time. It currently serves as the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These gardens were opened to the public in June An engraving from depicts a large,. These gardens represent a unique historic complex which is one of most significant Baroque garden works in Europe. Due to the lack of maintenance, these beautiful and historically priceless objects reached a state of catastrophe, and were closed to the public in the seventies. It was not until that reconstruction commenced, led by the new owner — the State Preservation Institute.

The reconstruction. Despite several reconstructions that followed, the original Baroque design remained preserved; namely, the terrace-like setting, the axis location of the central stairs, the alteration of vacant and planted sections and many remarkable architectural motifs, including many wellpreserved relics of art decoration, etc.

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Unlike other decorative and entertainment gardens, the Kolowrat Garden has a four purpose character. Its concept is much more modest and far less demonstrative. However, a decorative garden was founded. Ledebour Garden is a Baroque, terrace garden from the first third of the 18 century, in about styled most probably by I.

In between the salla terrena and the opposite—side wall, flat with the staircase and the fountain with the statue of a giant, a parterre with a recently-built basin. The Palace gardens are open daily in the summer tourist season IV—X from 10 am to 6 pm. Toll motorways and express roads Toll roads are signed with the following traffic signs www. Within the Czech Republic, the use of highways and speedways by motor vehicles with at least four wheels or vehicles plus trailers is from subject to a fee.

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A proof of payment of the fee is a 2part stickers. Part one of the sticker is to be stuck inside windscreen. Part two of the sticker is to be retained. Sales points: border crossings, filling stations, post offices.

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  5. Validity and prices of the coupons: Annual — from 1. In total weight of the motor vehicle above 3. Nicholas Church Bell Tower. The frontispiece was finished in and the nave, with its wreath of chapels, was consecrated in This part was clearly built by Christopher Dienzenhofer.

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    Lurago between and The Crucifixion in St. It is a scale model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, designed by Ing. Its construction started on 16 March and was finished on 20th August of the same year. The tower is located at an altitude of m above sea level and is 60 m tall. Most of the sculptures in the church are works by I.

    The oldest sculpture in the church is Our Lady of Foyen on the left altar, brought by the Jesuits from Belgium in The tower of the church the baroque belfry actually never was an integral part of the church as it was an independent property owned by the Lesser Town of Prague. It served as the bell- and observation-tower. The observation point is at a height of Senior citizens and handicapped persons can use the lift. To ride the funicular railway, you need a valid Prague transportation ticket which is good for transfers.

    Under reconstruction till 18 March A Maze with mirrored path set up originally for the Jubilee Exhibition and the diorama-Battle of the Praguers with the Swedes in on Charles Bridge. Admission: 90 CZK. The wellknown are works of M. Braun and F.