January 20 tarot card

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Aries, read your horoscope March April Taurus, read your horoscope April May Gemini, read your horoscope May June Cancer, read your horoscope June July Leo, read your horoscope July August Virgo, read your horoscope August September Libra, read your horoscope September October Arthur Waite switched the position of the Strength and Justice cards. Justice was traditionally numbered 8, with Strength numbered But as you can see with the first major arcana correspondence chart, Strength is numbered 8, with Justice numbered This makes sense when you follow the astrological correspondences through the chart — Strength, and Leo flow perfectly with Justice and Libra, sequentially.

I created separate charts to reflect this and to assist you if and when you learn tarot from either of the named decks above. Thanks, Nancy.

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When I was learning tarot, I found it helpful to write this list out. The benefit of a digital page though is the colour coding of the elemental associations.

Your Daily Focus Tarot Reading for January 20, 2016

Being a visual learner, it really brought the elements to life for me. Whether it is a problem at work, with a relationship or with ourselves, we will see the light this week.

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Our shift in perspective will allow us to know what is really important and let everything else fall away. We feel hopeful about the future and see the strengths in a situation rather than the deficits. The Ace of Swords is a glorious card.

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It brings big energy and big gifts. We will experience both the clarity and the power of this card.

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It is a great card to connect with the Super Blood Moon Eclipse that is coming at the end of the week. The Eclipse is in the sign of Leo and will bring confidence and creativity, and the Ace of Swords will amplify these vibrations. It will also allow the messages we receive under the eclipse to be clear and well understood. Even with all this intense energy we will stay calm and collected with this card.

inkananrene.ga The Ace of Swords brings strong analytical abilities and deep wisdom. Do not sleep on this energy.