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If you're a Gemini who's looking for the perfect partner, you need look no further. The twelve stars of the zodiac each have their own unique set of characteristics and it's no accident that our own individual personalities reflect the star sign we were born under. For instance, if you were born under the Aries star sign you're considered to be an individual in every sense of the word and if you happen to have been born a Gemini, it's fair to say that your personality is going to lean towards the extrovert.

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There will be a lot of conversation, friendly debating and sharing of wisdom. Aquarius' need freedom and space but in a long-term relationship these two zodiac signs easily cope. While a little eccentric, they are also thought of as rebels and are known for their revolutionary ideas.

Friendliness and intelligence make the Aquarius successful in life. The Aquarius man does not fall in love head over heels. He will have many relationships plus affairs and flings. The Aquarius horoscope will concur, "You will have to be patient for your Aquarius love to become a long-term commitment; you are being tested.

Aquarius signs are looking for mentally stimulating partners with ethics, honesty and courage. To the Aquarius sex is experimentation. They want a sensual examination of their partner's body before making love.

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Both male and female will take on the sexual submissive as well as the dominating role in the bedroom. And the truth is they may not even know— often shifting back and forth from friends to lovers. They can be completely content with the idea of their own unique, unexplainable relationship that is constantly experimenting with new boundaries and limitations. Timing might not always be right, and they may go through phases of being apart, but it seems these two have a tendency to always be crossing paths.

This is a couple that is easy to third wheel with. Good conversation is all that really must be relied on. Libra can sometimes be a too concerned with material goods and trends for Aquarius. Aquarius can sometimes be a little too aloof for libra, who needs emotional validation.

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Together they share a similar mission— to make the world a much better and beautiful place. So much of this relationship is focused on the future, and so everyday problems become so much less important on a grand scale.

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Conflicts seem to blow over, and though this may lead to a snowball of unresolved issues, a majority of times these problems seem to dissipate by the next time these souls come together. There is a huge emphasis on moving forward in the relationship, so much so mistakes made along the way are forgiven.

Aquarius: [lying awake in bed] Hey are you asleep yet? Aquarius: …….

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Originally posted by slverlining. Originally posted by winkandaprayer. Requested by theforeverhungry :. You enjoy toying with theories, ideas, and concepts, even very eccentric ones.

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  4. You are an intellectual, whether a dabbler or a deep scholar. You also love to examine and explore, and your combination is frequently found in the charts of journalists. Culture and people fascinate you. You are outgoing and amiable. You discover yourself by watching the lives and life-styles of others. You are attentive, insightful, and particularly, mobile.

    Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility- Where Friendship Equals Love

    You are a very keen person. Because restlessness and a continuous desire for freshness and excitement keep you on the move, there is not much you have not seen or done.

    Aquarius and Libra Compatibility: Can They Remain Committed for Life?

    You obtain a worldly wisdom, which is without equal with the experience you gain from your travels, mishaps, and adventures. As a reformer, you frequently become involved in projects and actions, which accent modification and innovation. In some way you know just what tomorrow will bring and intuition is one of your best gifts.

    However you live for the future so much that you frequently forget the delights and marvels of the present. You are essentially unemotional but thoughtful to everyone you meet. Because you are wrapped up in your own individuality, it is hard for you to have close emotional ties with anyone. Therefore, regardless of how many friends you have, you will always be a loner. You become bewildered and rattled if you encounter an emotional situation, and are never quite sure how to deal with it.

    Luckily, your happy disposition makes up somewhat for your lack of emotional depth. You are very idealistic but your compassion is kept for abstracts and ideologies. You are not in the least romantic. You will probably do well with the opposite sex due to your charisma and air of mystery.

    Romance, courtesy of the signs of the zodiac

    It is difficult for you to be truly intimate because of your somewhat strong sense of freedom and overall objectivity. Your beguiling and attractive nature is hard to resist and no matter how calm you may seem, you are really happy only when you think all eyes are on you. Worldliness and wit are yours, and somehow you end up getting the attention you think you deserve. Good health, adaptability, and talent are suggested by your combination because it is very harmonious. You may just be gliding along because your life is pretty much free of trouble and inner divergence.

    If you push yourself to the maximum of your capacities and reject the urge to just get by, it is probable that you will accomplish a great deal in life. Your Sun and Moon combined produces, quite surprisingly, a romantic personality. Idealism is strong, mixed with some critical tendencies. A romantic, but definitely living more by your mind that by your senses.

    You dramatize life and yourself, often expanding and enhancing the facts of a matter, idealizing love affairs and life in general.