Nadi astrology scam how nadi leaves are made

I am a HR professional by profession and engineer by education. I gave them a thumbprint and also date of birth. For those who gave only their thumb print only they ask more questions to elicit the information! As for those from abroad there was Gareth who was also told absolute bull shit about himself. They even tell you that your visit is preordained and every morning they go to the temple to get leaves of those who are going to come that day!

With such explanations anything can be rationalised. If they what they say is wrong they can always tell you that that too was preordained and you must come another day. Please read the declaimers given with this write up from their own blurb. I had to accompany my mother to this damn vaitheeswaran koil about 16 years ago, and we went through this fraud, shelling out plenty of money. You know another tragedy of this place? The lower economic class people in the village live poverty stricken, old-world lives while the scammers make hay.

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In another of these old world villages we went to, there was a special practice. The woman of the hosting house would not dine with us. Every freaking day.

Such are the ways of the great old world. Hi Prof. Nayak, Do you take precautions when you do such encounters? I think cheats donot hesitte doing anything when they are exposed. Sandeep, we were a group of five people with locals from Chennai too.

Please go through my last one- the science of nadi jotidam on nirmukta, there is a link to that in this write up. We had a confrontation but nothing happened, the reader of the leaves got angry, walked out, we waited for couple of minutes for him to return and then went away. We had not paid that man at all but he was so furious that he walked away in a huff with the leaves under his arm! The secret is in body language and building up a credible story before hand. Vasudev, I find it absolutely appalling that you would be not be an advocate for change.

There are people who are desperate for peace and mental happiness and might do anything to reach that end. This is just like the Christian faith healers who prey on sick and desperate people. Telling the people that they are being suckered sounds like a harsh thing; but it is like showing how a magic trick is done- it robs the illusion of awe, but it shows the deceit and sleight of hand. I commend the work Nayak is doing and I wholeheartedly commend his courage and ethos. Please read my last write up about that written three years ago.

I could see lots of not so well off people there with medical problems conducting rituals to get cures for their diseases. Great work. Iam just a bit baffled with commentators on your article. You have provided all proof and experience and yet people cannot digest it.

I think they should volunteer to accompany you on your next trip. On same note, I have experienced Naadi and must say that there are genuine ones also. The identfying of a native is amazing but one shud be careful of future predictions. I was approached by a foreigner to translate the Nadi readings in Tamil given by a Chennai based Jothidar. I was unable to convince the victim of this fradulent practice as he was almost into some sort of delusion in extreme. Beware of Nadi Jothidars.

He is a discredited mystic for you where as a realized soul for me. The truth lies in perception. We are 2 parallel lines and there is no point bridging the gap between. The truth does not lie in perception and so the argument comes a full circle. Oh ………..

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He meant the logistic of human being as a universal mass, so their activity must harmonious with respect to the dynamics of the celestial bodies. Can you say, anywhere he mentioned about the third grade method to predicting the future as like this post discusses? There are probably more than billion 1. So, now you must certainly realize, what osho offer to explain in his writings. Almost absurd to the present level of human conditions or we may achieve it when we reach the enlightened like Buddha.

The matter is, if you become enlightened, you will not be requiring any astrology!!!! Not only but what it revealed but by how my life became unstuck and changed dramatically once the remedies prescribed were completed. If you go into something being skeptical and disbelieving, then that is the tone set for the entire experience. My advice?

Seek with trust. Because they raised me and that is what matters to me. And for him to actually get the answer, proof of some sort is needed. Hey thanks for your reply. I may not believe all the facts that you have presented, but one reference regarding the past life of your master makes me believe that the entire thing would be a fraud! Same brahmin born in Sri Lanka and spoiling a maid life! Thanks for your article! I am just laughing things out! You should have seen my friends face on that day! He was totally dumbstruck on hearing all the stuffs and was constantly blabbering on this!

Nadi Astrology

Thanks for the article! Your method of testing is so wrong. Your approach is akin to putting water on mud and expecting a large explosion due to nuclear fusion. Since there is no explosion, the theory about nuclear fusion is bunk. You have to answer the questions correctly initially to locate the correct leaf, they cannot pick the right leaf unless you give them the right parameters.

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  4. Also go to the right guy the one given in the link above. Next with your limited tools you can say that the earth is flat. Method of testing: place a ball on flat surface, since it doesnt roll off, the earth is flat. Interesting article.

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    And get my mom off my case. Do you have any advice on how I can frustrate their attempts at cold reading? Give wrong signals. Keep on frustrating them by saying no for everything. Finally they will get tired and throw you out. But, be careful about those accompanying you. They may let out secrets by their body language. Sorry I saw this comment a little late. But, you can call me on my cell no for any urgent need.

    Please post here how it went on.

    The Fraud Of Nadi Jothidam

    It was incredibly underwhelming. I expected some subtle form of cold reading or nuanced detection work. But these clowns are nowhere as sophisticated as that. I was also wondering how idiotic our people are to fall for these cheap stupid tricks of these charlatans. I could read their modus operandi in a few questions they asked and took the fellows for a ride.

    What are Nadi leaves?

    It is strange that you call him fraud; when you feed him wrong information, expect wrong answers! The zipper strip thing is so cool! I also love how you put the heart border unenerdath the polka dot patterned paper. I would never have thought to do that to break up the card. Very creative! He should have had the right information and told me that what I had fed him was wrong. So, it makes it very clear that the information he got was from me and not from the leaves.

    They always get the parents names , dob etc right! But somehow the past life stories sound the same! Why not some better place in a better country! But please do check once again with the real info and see how far they get! Future — No! Nowhere close!