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You need to remain careful in this regard. For your well being do exercises well enough regularly in morning. All the health problem you face are written in your kundali and they can be avoided if you prepare for them. Our detailed and personalized health report will give report by which you can get remedial solutions so that health issues can be avoided. April to June You are to enjoy good general health condition here, most of the times. You need to take due measures to keep digestive system in order. You need to take care about left eye here. No major health issue is likely to concern you here.

For your well being physical fitness is one of the important key. Indulge in some physical activity regularly in morning for remaining physical fit enough. If you have any questions in your mind and you do not have any answers or guidance, than consult us. July to September You need to remain careful about issue related to respiratory system. Avoid visiting place where air pollution is of high level. If you are diabetic, you need to follow diet instruction of physician strictly to save from complication. Middle aged and above need to take due care about nagging old health issue.

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You need to remain careful about right eye here. Sore throat may trouble you. Take due care in this regard.

Sagittarius horoscope March 2020

What does your future has in its store for the year ? Get your quick overview of Year Ahead Report. Do not speculate, instead act. In February , Jupiter is in square aspect 90 deg with Venus and Uranus for Sagittarius folks and hence an intense atmosphere prevails around you.

Add to this, Pluto being in your sign for long, brings your emotions and feelings to the fore for the month. Pleasure attracts you, but be cautious of your moves and look upon your gaols and ideals in life. You stay highly inspired this period. You would be very enthusiastic too. Hence natives are advised to go slow this February. Illusions might lead you astray, be cautious. March has Pluto in square aspect to the Sun and Mercury combination for Sagittarius folks. This would bring out the emotions out of you to the fore. Do not be carried away emotionally, instead remain grounded.

Too much of demands, more on the personal side might weigh you down this month. Use your intellect to stay unharmed. Things however lighten up as the month unwinds. Pluto favours Sagittarius natives during April It is posited favorably for the natives, that things seem to be a little easier to pursue. All troubles and obstacles vanish from your side these days.

However do not be impatient.

Health according to Sagittarius Horoscope 2020

Your enthusiasm might misfire, hence be cautious. Stay motivated and keep going at your own pace. You stand to be highly motivated as well these days. And feelings and passions might overtake your senses. Do good and stay safe for now. Pluto stays in your sign all this month as it has been for a long time now.

This indicates that feelings and emotions mean a lot to you. Jupiter is in your sign and would be in square aspect 90 deg with the planets Mars and Uranus.

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This brings about a great push for you as the month starts. However with Jupiter in your sign you stay positive for this period. You would be highly motivated but do not rush on things. A slow and steady approach would be much appreciated on your part. You stand highly motivated as well for this period. Do not be hasty nor impulsive. Rushing things does not always bring success. Hence you would remain positive all these days.

Co-operative ventures are particularly favored for now. Home, family and friends get your attention. You would be very much inspired all this June. Use this to organize your professional and personal life positively. You would be loaded with much energy as the month ends on a positive note. Pluto in your sign for long now indicates that feelings mean a lot to you. For Sagittarius folks, the planet Pluto is in a favorable aspect to the Sun during July Hence this would be a good time to go in for some pilgrimages, holy dips and spiritual discourses.

You could get the blessings of great sages or saints as well during the month. Go with the flow around, be calm and composed. Do not stray from your belief and faith for now. Sagittarius natives stand to get aspected by Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto during August This indicates that your faith and hope are still alive.

Your feelings and passions get easily aroused this month. And Neptune would stir the spiritual side of you. You would be into trials and temptations but would come out successful. And would be highly inspired this month. Do meditate on your future plans and tasks. Be wary of your feelings and likings as well as the month moves on. Pluto continues in your sign as always for now and this makes sure that your hopes and joy are alive.

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Also you would be enlightened spiritually. Strong feelings and emotions secure your mental moods, stay calm. Also the Sun would be in square aspect 90 deg with Uranus and this advises you against over-reacting. Emotions also rule the roost for now, play safe. This is a good time to get detached from the material world around. This is simply not the case- all the best journeys need a map! The plan this year is to stick to your New Year resolutions and listen to your body.

You want to stay fit and healthy as the months progress.

You can go from relaxed to stressed in a matter of seconds without warning, which can be exhausting; even for a ball of energy like yourself. If you want our advice, it might be best to take a step back when you feel yourself getting worked up.

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