Astrology source code vb

It can also be used to create astrology software. A few years back i started developing astrology software. The software can construct astrology chart using date and time of birth.

Astrology Source Code

Many people wonder how to calculate the planet positions at a given time for a given place. In those days of paper and pen astrologer and astronomers spent several hours to calculate planetary positions. They developed ephemeris to that will record daily positions of heavenly objects and planets.

I am trying to install and run the software in Windows 7 professional 64bit OS. Then it exits.

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So i can not do anything with the downloaded program. Source is also not readable.

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Thanks, Ravi Aluru raluru yahoo. This software was not tested on win7. So please follow the instruction below the download link. I have fixed the win7 ActiveX registering problem. So please check it.

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I am unable to see the Source code. Is there any special program to use for it?

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Is this program written using Visual Basic. I just found out you wrote "To read the source, install vb6-sp6 on your computer".

Vedic astrology software source code jobs

What is Vb6-sp6? I have MS Visual Studio installed in my computer. If you are a Visual Basic.

NET user, you can convert visual basic 6 codes to visual basic. But you will have to convert some parts of source codes manually.

Visual Basic. Hi JSW, Thanks for the information.

Astronomy and numerical software source codes

I hope you used Swiss Ephemeris for this program, am I correct? I'm also writing a program; but just learning VB. Yes I have used used Swiss Ephemeris. Hope the source code may be a guide for u. I see very poor coding there. Thanks again Only one occasional problem at both places.

The four-step significations are repeated several times causing confusion like 1,2,1,2, 3,6,3,6,1, Can you please check and correct? If you can give the dasas upto antara levels third level , it would be much helpful. Now I have to go to Junior Jyothish and apply the correction for ayanamsa to get the antara values.

They JJ have the dasas upto antara level. Thanks and best regards.

Astrology Software in VB | .NET | MySQL | | Freelancer

That can help smooth over other differences. I horoscope meanings instagram impressed and i loved our session. Appreciate your sharing this. I have someone in my life born that day. Note that his name contains two parts each in 13 adding to 4 that is evil to her day no. There are only 9 numbers to learn. The number 11 is called the master number in the numerology.

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